CTP claims: Who can file a claim?

People who do not have insurance find hard time dealing with the increased expenses that come as a result of accidents that were someone else’s fault. But you do not have to struggle again. Compulsory Third-Party Insurance is the easiest way to protect yourself and the people around you. If you were at one time involved in an accident and didn’t know if you can file a complaint, we are here to help you understand it.

People who can file a claim

If you fall in the following group of individuals, then you obviously are eligible to file a CTP insurance claim;

Injured people

If you get injured in an accident that was the owner or driver’s fault, you can file a claim against the guilty person’s CTP insurance provider.

Loss of life

Life is short, and accident can claim several lives in a single accident. If you are a relative to the deceased, you can file a CTP claim for the loss of your loved one if the car accident crash was entirely at fault of the driver or the owner.

How will I be compensated if I make a claim?

Compensation payment amount depends purely on the type of treatment you need, the effect your injury has on your daily routine as well as the status of the accident. The amount you receive may be lowered if you partly caused the crash. For instance, if you were not wearing your safety belt when the accident occurred, you be partially guilty.

What claims can the injured make?

When an accident occurs, you or the other injured person is likely to incur losses in different ways. Below are some of the claims you can make:

Treatment and care expenses: The injured individual can claim for compensation of the previous and approximated potential costs of the medication and attention required due to the injuries sustained.

Financial loss: Accidents can cause serious injuries and some might lender you unable to work for some period or the rest of your life. CTP insurance protects you, the passengers, and anyone injured from such situations. You claim compensation for a financial loss in case you can’t go to work meaning you can’t earn your salary as before.

Non-economic loss: This is also referred to as compensation for general damages. You are not going to be treated just because you saw a wound on your body, but that wound will be associated with [pain and suffering in that period you are sick. For example, the accident occurred the day you were also supposed to get a promotion all attend an interview. You can hence claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced after the accident


Making claims is only necessary if you get injured in an accident. But some people take advantage of the situation to claim for compensation of what did not happen. It is imperative to note that if you provide false information regarding an accident, you risk going to jail.


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